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Rectifiers & Electronics popularly known as RE , established in 1970, is the pioneer organization in the field of AC/DC high voltage test sets and other electrical test equipment in INDIA. In the last 50 Years, through continuous aspiration, 'RE' has earned the goodwill of quality control engineers and research scientists through out the country.

'RE' was established in 1970 with a mission to cater to the manufacturers of northern India with the cutting edge technology in the field of electrical testing 'RE' which initiated as a regional concern soon started playing a vital role in the development of the Industry of the entire nation.

'RE' is one of the leading exporters of high voltage testing equipment to countries like North America, South America, European Countries, Middle East, South East Asian Countries United Kingdom, Zambia, Kenya, Germany, Dubai, Bangladesh,Bhutan,Nepal,etc.


RE' Manufactured Products are robust, reliable, simple to operate, and user friendly. At 'RE', there is continuous effort to give its customers an edge over their competitors. 'RE' has complete in house manufacturing facility Inclusive of, "fabrication of housing, manufacturing of transformer, and all the accessories , sub assembling testing and final assembly which enables us to meet the stringent quality norms of all the customers. 

To support the manufacturing processes 'RE' also holds an in-house research & development facility for improvement & Innovation on existing technologies. 'RE' has thirst for invention of new technologies and new products. This strength has kept 'RE' far ahead of its competitors and made 'RE' a preferred supplier of testing equipment for institutions, testing and calibration laboratories and R & D houses.

We at 'RE' manufacture testing equipment for a wide variety of application to meet specific requirements or as per National / International standards.

Our Major Strengths are :

  • We Provide electrical High Voltage testing solutions for your products & installations
  • We corroborated with you to present the possible product
  • Pioneer in the field of AC/DC high voltage test sets and electrical test equipment in INDIA
  • RE endeavor's to innovate and make user friendly customised solutions for the testing engineers.
  • To harness / partner our growth with leading organisations, institutions, quality control engineers, research scientists through their continuous faith in RE Products.
  • Our core competence has come from five decades of experience and most comprehensive R & D in high voltage & high current testing.
  • Complete In-house manufacturing facility enables RE to have most stringent quality checks and testing at every stages.
  • High voltage testing equipment portfolio covers wide range of equipment for various Industries and their specific requirements as per National/International Standards.
  • Full fledged In-house R&D facility as per norms & recognitions by all the test houses in the country.
  • NABL Accredited Laboratory for AC/DC high voltage & high current site calibration.
  • We Stand by our product beyond warrantee.

Our High Voltage Testing Equipment Product Range includes :

  • AC High Voltage Test Set - Up to 800kV, 3000kVA
  • DC High Voltage Test Set – Up to  500kV, 1000mA
  • Portable DC High Voltage Test Set - Up to  400kV, 1000mA
  • AC/DC High Voltage Test Set  - Up to 300kV AC/DC
  • Primary Current Injection Test Set – Up to 25000A
  • Secondary Current Injection Test Set – Up to 100A
  • Automatic and Motorized Oil Test Set -  Up to 120kV
  • Contact Resistance Meter – Up to 600A
  • Continuously Variable Auto Transformer – From 2A to 2000A
  • Discharge Rods – Up to 800kV
  • Resistive, Inductive and Capacitive Load Banks – Up to 3000kW
  • Rectifier Transformer -  Up to 10000A
  • Heat Cycle Test Set Up to 5000A
  • Induced Over Voltage Over Frequency Test Set Up to 10MVA
  • High Voltage Spark Tester Up to 50KV
  • Milli Volt Drop Test Set Up to 3000A
  • Special Purpose Test Trolley
  • Impulse Generator Up to 500kV
  • Cable Fault Burning Test Setup
  • Transformer Test Bench Up to 30000kVA
  • Capacitor Bank Up to 2000kVAr
  • Transformer Turn Ratio Test Set
  • Pre- Heater Test Setup 
  • Sphere Gap up to 500kV
  • Tracking & Erosion Index 
  • Reduction Factor 
  • Phase Shifter

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