High Voltage Testing Equipment & Solutions

DC High Current

DC High Current Testing Equipments for high current testing applications and Procedures as per I.S Specifications.

Rectifier Transformer

Have diversed applications like electroplating, anodizing, power supplies for Magnetic Charger, Battery Charger, etc.

Winding Resistance Meter

The ‘RE’ High Current Resistance Meter delivers high performance where it counts. It is the best solution for low resistance, etc.

Battery Chargers

Battery Charger are generally air cooled type portable & designed for dusty & humid climate at site Railway Station, outdoor installation etc.

Milli Volt Drop Test Set

Capable to measure mili volts between 1mV to 2000mV. Available 0-100, 200, 600 .....3000 Amp DC. Continuous Operation available.

Contact Resistance Meter

'RE' Contact Resistance Micro-Ohm Meter model RE-CR-100 is capable to measure resistance between 0.1 micro ohm to 2 milli ohm.

Micro Ohm Meter upto 10 Amps

‘RE’ Micro-ohm Meter 1 - 10 amps capacity 3.5 digit suitable to checking low resistance of copper wires and other conductors