High Voltage Testing Equipment & Solutions

Current Transformer / Potential Transformer

AC High Voltage Test Sets - Cascaded

AC High Voltage Test Sets - Cascaded are specially designed for testing electrical appliances as per I.S. Specifications.

Million Mega Ohm Meter

Million mega ohm Meters are designed for measurement of insulation resistance of insulating materials, Electrical & Electronic Components,

Sphere Gaps

Sphere Gaps measurement is one of  the standard method used of measuring peak value of the high voltage either DC, AC and impulse voltage.

D.V.D.F / I.O.V.W

Induced Over Voltage Test Set is used for testing the strength of insulation between turns and between other points of the transformers etc.

Micro Ohm Meter

‘RE’ Micro-ohm Meter 1 amps capacity 3.5 digit suitable to checking low resistance of copper wires and other conductors

Kilo Volt Meters / Voltage Dividers

Kilo Volt Meter (kV) meters used to measure the kilo volt value of an Instrument Transformer, CT/PT etc. 

Winding Resistance Meter

The ‘RE’ High Current Resistance Meter delivers high performance where it counts. With unmatched speed,